You are valuable. Universal believes in 2nd chances

Universal understands that some drivers may have made a mistake in the past, but have the aptitude and attitude to become better. We offer a program called the Contractor Development Program where we assess the individual, and then if accepted, place that individual into a highly scrutinized training regimen. All selected applicants for the program must complete ALL requirements and training before acceptance as a Universal contractor.


  • Our goal is to educate drivers so they may transition to a safe, professional driver reaching an optimal level of safe driving skills. We are committed to educate drivers so they have a complete understanding and successfully complete the programs requirements.
  • The general concept is to take drivers/contractors that are currently in a Universal company, but having difficulty with safety/compliance or experience and offer them the opportunity to move into the Development Programs.  Here we can apply detailed training, close oversight and counseling to change their behavior. Also identify incoming drivers/contractors who are outside standards, but we believe we can “bring up to standard” by providing the same close oversight, counseling and detailed training.
  • The Development Programs is currently accepting candidates/applicants; drivers/contractors for the driver training program. The purpose of the driver training program is to safely provide training to new drivers who only have military or driving school experience in the use of commercial motor vehicles. The Development Program is also providing training on flatbed load securement.
  • All accepted candidates must report to an approved training facility and be prepared for a minimum of two (2) days of the orientation and training. Drivers/Contractors must bring their road ready equipment for road test and inspection of all equipment needed to qualify for the type of equipment they will be operating to include personal protective equipment, (PPE.)


  • Drivers are required to complete up to 6 months of training.
  • Electronic logging devices, (ELD) are required throughout the contract with Universal to include, but not limited to, all trainer trucks.
  • Owner Operators/Drivers will be required to bring their road ready equipment for road test and inspections. All equipment being used will be inspected to include, but not limited to, tractor, trailer, load securement equipment (chains, binders, straps, tarps) and personal protective equipment, (PPE).
  • All participants in the training program will be required to make daily check calls to his/hers assigned Fleet manager. All loads will be reviewed and approved during this process.
  • Driver are required to take pictures of their tractor and trailer and send to their assigned fleet manager. In addition, all flatbed drivers are required to take pictures of load securement before and after tarping and send for approval before moving of the loads