FAQ – Contractor Drivers

Q:  How often will I be home?
A:  Home time depends on route selection.  It really does vary, but our goal is for you to enjoy life on the road and at home.  Our recruiters can tell you more.

Q: What type of pay can I expect?
A: Hourly, Mileage, and Percentage Compensation depending on the route. Our recruiters can tell you more.

Q:  Is drug testing required?
A:  Yes, all drivers are required to be tested.

Q:  Do you offer a Lease Purchase program.
A: Universal plans to introduced a Lease Purchase option in 2015.  However, Universal has well established agreements in place and can refer you to some very good Lease Purchase companies.

Q:  Do you have truck maintenance/road side service 
A:  Yes, we have a list of approved service locations  and truckstops for you to get service completed throughout the nation.

FAQ – Company Drivers

Q: As a company driver what kind of equipment will I drive?
A: We have purchased, and continue to purchase, new equipment.  Our goal is for your safety, comfort, effectiveness, and success…and since we value the importance of drivers, we value the importance of good equipment.

Q: Do I have to own my own truck?
A: No

Q: Do you offer benefits?
A: Yes, medical insurance after 90 days, paid holidays, access to our exclusive U-SAV program and MORE!

Q: How long is orientation?
A: Orientation is one day and is held at multiple locations across the country

Q: Am I required to use an ELD?
A: Yes, all company drivers must use Electronic Logs.

Q: Are the company trucks governed?
A: Yes, company truck max speed is 55.

Q: How do you pay?
A: Some runs pay by mile and some by percentage, based on location

Q: How often does a company driver get paid?
A: Weekly

FAQ – Training Programs

Q: Can  GI Bill participants receive their BAH stipend during driver training phase:
A: Yes, and you can continue to draw BAH for up to 6 months after initial training. (T2T Only)

Q: What type of pay can I expect as a “trainee” in the Troops To Trucks or Train To Trucks programs?
A: $10 per hour  plus overtime for 5 weeks (Various training locations available)

Q: Where is training located?
A: Training sites are available throughout the United States.

Q: Am I required to take a drug test?
A: Yes.  No history of drug use or DUIs within the last 5 years.

Q: What type of pay can I expect to receive as a “driver trainer”?
A: $40 per day…that’s up to $200 per week…or better yet, up to $10,000 per year on top of you already make as a driver with Universal.