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Read the story of Universal Driver Wayne Sandberg featured in National Truckin’s March 2016 issue.

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Testimonials From Our Professional Drivers

“We have a great Safety Team in Houston, Texas! And great job to B. Lewis, you really seem to care.”

Mike Buckman, owner-operator

“Quick shout-out to Sherman Hall for a great class today! I would recommend the Smith System Class to all my fellow drivers.”

Kenneth-Dee Loyd, owner-operator

“Thanks Vince, Brad and Mark for a great job and a truck I love driving!”

James D. Hearn, owner-operator

“Worked for Universal Am Cam at Terminal 0352 back in the day. Great company then. And I was blessed to come back – like coming home. Universal is great with a lot more opportunities and the pay is great. And still got Terminal 0352 Birmingham, Alabama. Arlyn Voss and Jerry Cummings is Great to work with.”

Jessie Thompkins, owner-operator

“Awesome company to be a contractor with!!! I have been with them since December of 2009, and I wouldn’t even think about switching companies. I love being 100% my own boss with having the resources and backing of Universal Truckload.”

Jason Cox, owner-operator

“I’ve been with the company since 8/27/12, and I am a yard switcher driver up at Burton, MI GM. Best company I ever worked for, no complaints at all. Thank you, Universal Truckload!”

Matt Martinico, company driver

“Been here since August 2011! So far so good and can’t complain!”

Dante Williams, owner-operator

“One of the things I like is that I have the option of many agents and loads to choose from, and I like that freedom to pick what I want to do. Then being able to direct deposit the amount I want from my ComData card to my bank. This helps me control my money and set up my finances. When I call Operations, they are willing to help me with whatever issue I have at the time. If Operations does not have an answer immediately, they will find out the answer and follow-up with me.”

Sina Firuzmandi, owner-operator

“I like the freedom of independence.  I can choose what I want to haul based upon my freight needs at the time. I also like getting fuel advances to keep me rolling.”

Mike Koenighaus, owner-operator

“I have a good, solid working relationship with my home terminal, and they really take care of me, helping me to make good money. I appreciate hassle-free fuel advances.”

Tim Ellerbee, owner-operator

“When I call into the Operations Department, no matter the time day or night, someone is there to help me and keep me rolling down the road. I like that the company has my back when I am on the road and will take care of me in case I have any problems.”

Chris Reed, owner-operator

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me with my truck. This is the best company ever, you actually care about your people, thank you! Again, I’m very happy here and anyone that cares enough about a small business man like myself… WOW! I’m at a loss for words, thank you so much!”

Chad Hardwick, owner-operator

“All I can say is the people here at Universal are great.  Dispatch does a fine job of keeping you moving and making you money.  The general manager does his part above and beyond to help with any kind of issue that you may have.  They want you to prosper and become a better entrepreneur.”

Vincent Hobbs, owner-operator

“I’ve been with 3 other previous intermodal companies over the past 4 years prior to Universal.  In coming to Universal, I’ve found that it is a well-rounded company, and they are able to provide service that nobody else could.  A while back, the rear end of my truck went out.  At that time, I did not have all the funds to get it repaired, but Universal stepped-up and loaned me extra money to get my truck back on the road again.”

Terrance Huff, owner-operator

“I am home every night, and the pay is great!”

 Robert Adams, company driver

 Testimonials From Our Staff and Management

“Being a part of the Universal team has been a success for me personally and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.  I’ve had a great support system to start-up a terminal in a competitive market and I foresee more growth in the next year.”

Laura Chavarria, terminal manager

“Working for Universal Intermodal has been a great experience. I’ve gained a lot of insight into all areas of the industry, and had the pleasure of working with some really great people.”

Elizabeth Gough, fleet manager

“Universal Intermodal Services keeps you moving – It’s a major opportunity!”

Henry Castillo, logistics clerk

“We enjoy the fast paced and competitive atmosphere here. The drivers and staff make it a great work environment.”

Clayton Diffee, fleet manager

“After several years in the transportation industry with other companies, I saw the potential to grow with Universal. Working here has enabled me to interact with drivers and develop a great working relationships with them. I enjoy the ever-changing environment!”

Jessica Holt, clerk

“After my house burned down the entire company teamed up and helped me get back up and running. I appreciate Universal and am happy to be a part of the team.”

Shawn Clinkenbeard, mechanic