ATBS – American Truck Business Service

ATBS is the largest, most experienced and respected provider of business services dedicated to owner-operators.  We offer three core services to help you save time and increase your business profitability.

ATBS Standard Business Services
Understanding the fact that most owner-operators are overburdened with paperwork and government regulation, ATBS works to simplify the accounting and tax filing process and provide you tools that can lead to greater business success.

ATBS Standard Business Services provides:

  • Personalized Budget – a detailed breakdown of your costs, break-even point, and profitability.
  • Bookkeeping – sorting, categorizing, recording and summarizing your receipts and settlement statements.
  • Monthly Income Statements – a summary of how your business is doing and where you can improve.
  • Industry Benchmarking – comparisons of your business results to other owner-operators to show where you are excelling or where you have opportunities to improve.
  • State, Federal & Quarterly Tax Preparation – prepared by CPAs with trucking industry expertise.
  • Unlimited Business Consulting – customized solutions that maximize your business performance, help you achieve your goals, manage your tax requirements and generate higher profits.

UTSI has negotiated a discounted price on your behalf of only $75 per month for ATBS Standard Business Services.

  • Call 866-431-0370 to learn more about how this service can benefit you.

ATBS Maintenance Management Services
ATBS offers Maintenance Management Services, or MMS, a program that helps drivers manage their preventative maintenance through customized forms, periodic fluid analysis, maintenance planning and budgeting, warranty tracking and unlimited maintenance consulting.

Through ATBS Maintenance Management Services you can:

  • Save up to $1,300 a year in maintenance costs
  • Save $3,000 a year through increased fuel efficiency
  • Avoid the costs of breakdowns, tows and unplanned repairs

The cost for MMS is $45 a month with a $150 set-up fee that covers fluid kits, the initial assessment of your truck and the first month of service.  The fee is only $35 per month if you are participating in ATBS Standard Business Services. Call 866-431-0370 to learn how MMS can benefit you.

CABS – Course of Advanced Business Standards
CABS is a comprehensive education program developed to help owner-operators become not only successful truck drivers but also successful business professionals.  At ATBS, working with thousands of truck drivers, we have recognized the areas that cause the most problems for owner-operators.  The CABS program addresses each of these problem areas in a series of lessons created to present the information in a comprehensive and easy-to-learn format.

CABS, the Course of Advanced Business Standards offers:

  • Six-month self-study course that can be done in your truck
  • Twelve lessons in both print and CD formats
  • Exercises, activities and a case scenario to help you learn and apply the information
  • A CABS Instructor to answer questions and help you with the program material

Because UTSI believes in the importance of education they are offering CABS to their drivers at a specially negotiated rate of only $350.  That’s a savings of 30% over the list price.

To learn more about any of these programs visit or call 866-431-0370.  Or, watch the ATBS video to hear customer testimonials about each of the above products.

Equinox Roadside Assistance Membership

Have you ever needed a jump start for your tractor? Been locked out of your truck? Needed a tow? Blow a tire? Run out of fuel? EQUINOX is excited to announce a partnership with Roadside Masters, one of the largest roadside assistance networks in the nation, and now offers a roadside assistance program that covers all of these issues and more!!!

Covered Benefits:

  • Unlimited Roadside Assistance
  • Towing (Up to 50 miles per disablement)
  • Vehicle Jump Start
  • Flat Tire Change Coverage (Up to $500 maximum occurrence)
  • Lockout / Replacement Key Services (Up to $100)
  • Out of Fuel Delivery (Up to 10 gallons)
  • Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service
  • Vehicle Winching / Extricating

Additional Services Include:

  • Navigational Assistance
  • Hotel and Travel Discounts
  • Concierge Service (restaurants, lodging, truck and rest stops)

* Some restrictions apply.

Click here for details or call 877-913-7846 for more information.

Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Centers

Universal has proudly partnered with Good Year Commercial Tire & Service Centers. We are proud to offer a complete line of services and products to you.

Our Current Special for UNIVERSAL DRIVERS: $199.99 for a Full Service Oil Change.

Just provide code # 5450333 for the Full Service Oil Change at any Good Year Commercial Tire & Service Centers


Working to improve conditions for our owner-operators, we have negotiated, a fleet discount of 12% for IdleAir Premium Service and we have authorized use of the Comdata fuel card for payment. You will save fuel, receive the comforts and conveniences of home, sleep better and be a safer driver.

IdleAir Premium Service includes:

  • Filtered and UVC treated, thermostat-controlled heating and air conditioning
  • 110-volt electrical outlets inside and outside the cab
  • Satellite television with over 60 channels
  • An easy-to-use color touch-screen control system that includes built-in internet access

Using IdleAir will provide a substantial fuel savings over idling your engine. The typical truck burns about 1 gallon of fuel per hour while idling, so subtract the current IdleAir price from the current fuel price to get your savings per hour of use. In addition, you will reduce maintenance costs, engine wear and tear, improve your comfort and quality of rest, and improve your communications and entertainment options. Optional IdleAir services include high-speed internet for your computer via wired or wireless connection.

Open Road Drivers Plan

Savings for Contractors of Universal Truckload Services Inc. and Affiliate Companies


Protect Your Career and Cover Your Legal Costs.
As a professional driver, your driving record is your most valuable asset. Traffic citations can threaten your job and your livelihood.

Designed specifically for today’s professional truck driver, Open Road Drivers Plan puts local, licensed attorneys on your side, whenever and wherever you need them. Membership privileges extend to your spouse as well and can provide your family with money saving discounts.

Member Coverage:

  • Moving Violations – Participation in the Open Road Drivers Plan entitles you to legal coverage, win or lose, for any moving violation. Always a local attorney and never any attorney fees.
  • Nonmoving violations – Open Road Drivers Plan members are entitled to legal coverage, win or lose, for your defense against non-moving violations. Non-moving violations include alleged over weight, over width, over height, over length, and equipment violations.
  • Free Coverage for Spouse: Equivalent coverage is extended to the driver’s spouse at no cost.
  • Bonding Services – $10,000 in the event of a vehicular accident and $1,000 in the event of an appearance bond.
  • DataQ Challenge – Available for free with plan membership. The new FMCSA ruling in effect 8-23-14 makes it a must to fight every ticket!
  • Safe Driver Rewards – Open Road is the only plan which gives you points for driving safely! Redeemable from a list of @700 prizes!
  • Discounts: The Open Road Drivers Plan includes discounts on prescriptions, tax & financial services, hotels, motels, and rental cars along with the substantial legal coverage provided. See for a complete list of member benefits.
  • Open Road does not deny claims that covered under the plan.
    How much does it cost?

As a contractor for Universal Truckload Services Inc. and Affiliate Companies, you are eligible to purchase the Open Road Drivers Plan at the discounted rate of $32.50 per month. That’s over $50 per year savings versus the standard rate of $38.95 per month. Contractors pay for their own membership directly to Open Road by credit card, debit card, or check (quarterly or annually). There is no long-term contract and never an application fee. Membership is completely optional.

  • USAV Discount Code – USAV21

How do I get started?

  • Step 1. Go to
  • Step 2. Click on Sign Up
  • Step 3. Enter your information. On the second page enter the discount code USAV21 to receive the USAV discount.

You may also sign up by calling Open Road Driver Plan at 800-848-3060

Because Open Road Drivers Plan is designed for the Professional Driver, the bonds and legal fees shall not apply to those charged with: driving under the influence; driving while impaired; possession of drugs, alcohol, or firearms; driving without a valid driver’s license; illegally leaving the scene of an accident; hit and run; delinquent or past due citations; radar detector/scanner; Illegal use of cell phone, or operating a vehicle while out of service.

Pegasus Transtech – Transflo Now Mobile Scanning

The Fastest Way to Send Documents
TRANSFLO Now!™ Mobile from Pegasus TransTech is a robust smart phone solution that has all of the functionality of TRANSFLO Now! in-cab or anywhere scanning.

With TRANSFLO Now! Mobile, Owner Operators have an additional convenient, on-the go solution to scan and submit delivery documents. It allows fleets same day access to documents and Owner Operators to get paid faster for the same cost as truck stop scanning.

The scan solution is compatible with dozens of phone models for both the iPhone and Android.

  • For Android Users – Visit the Android Market
    Phone requirements and more information can be located here.
  • For iPhone Users – Visit the App Store
    Phone requirements and more information can be located here.

Easy to Install. Simple to Use. No Training Required.

How it works

1. Owner Operators can download the TRANSFLO Now! Mobile application for FREE at the Apple App Store or the Android Market. Review phone requirements prior to download.
2. Owner Operators can register and start scanning documents with their smart phone.
3. When registering, please enter your companies’ scac code when prompted for a “fleet id”: UACL
3. Owner Operators take photos of the documents or import pre-scans from the photo library using TRANSFLO Now! Mobile, which automatically enhances the image.
4. Owner Operator enters his Pro# right into the phone.
5. Once documents are submitted, a unique confirmation number and email is sent to the driver.
6. Documents can be viewed online at for 14 days after
7. Please visit to review best practices and quick tips for optimal scanning.

PrePass – Weigh Station Bypassing

Make handling weigh stations a breeze… and save time, fuel and money with PrePass!

PrePass allows qualified, transponder-equipped, commercial vehicles to bypass designated weigh stations, ports of entry and agricultural interdiction facilities. Pre-cleared vehicles that get a green light signal on their PrePass transponder can stay on the main highway lanes and cruise past weigh stations without having to pull into the stations and wait in those long lines.

Your company has negotiated a special discount for its contractors – $16.80 monthly flat rate for unlimited weigh station bypassing at hundreds of locations nationwide.

As a contractor with Universal Truckload, Universal Intermodal or Universal Dedicated, you can take advantage of this time and money saver.

With an average of $8.68 saved with every bypass, it will pay for itself in less than two transactions! Why not sign up now?

To start the enrollment process, click on your company below to print and complete the application.

*Safety ratings subject to change Monthly.

  • Contact Bob Johnson for current safety rating. 586-920-0180

Want to learn more about PrePass?

Quality Companies – Tax & Accounting


As an owner operator, driving is your specialty. You’re an expert on the road, are comfortable operating a big rig and know the best routes like the back of your hand. That being said, accounting and finance are someone else’s specialty. Quality Business Service consultants are in your corner to oversee the success of your small business. The first smart business decision is to take advantage of the resources available around you!

The QBS Tax & Accounting Program provides three main services:

  • Personal Business Consultation – When you partner with QBS, your business becomes our priority. We assign you a dedicated QBS consultant to provide ongoing financial guidance through cost/benefit evaluation, settlement reviews, general tax inquiries, back taxes, LLC Formation, EIN, and more.
  • Tax Preparation and Filing – Worried your return isn’t as robust as it could be? Simply save your business-related receipts, send them over to us, and we take care of the rest! QBS consultants specialize in both quarterly IFTA Fuel Tax Filing and annual tax returns.
  • Financial Reporting – Each month, your QBS consultant will prepare a financial statement outlining valuable information about your finances. We will highlight and provide key performance indicators, as well as analyze your revenue and expense reports, and then review all of that information with you on a one-on-one basis, so that you are able to maximize your profits.

Call us at (844) 637-8103 or visit us online for more information and to check out our free Income Calculator!

Safelite Glass

Safelite and UTSI have partnered up to help you save more of your money.

Whether it is in your Truck, Car or home, Safelite has you covered.  With 24/7 scheduling and road side service mobile installation for you on the road or at home, Safelite should be your first choice for glass repair and replacement.   With Nationwide coverage and service available on Saturdays, Give Safelite a call to check out the rates and service.

Under the program set up with your company, Safelite is offering you the same discounted rate whether the repair or replacement is for personal or business.

  • When you call for an estimate, refer to program code 261443

This will assure you are getting your company’s national pricing for glass.  There are no charge privileges assigned with this account, so all repairs and replacements will need to be paid at the time service is completed.  Safelite accept cash, check, or credit cards for your employees’ convenience.

  • Click HERE for more details

Speedco Truck Lube and Tires

At Speedco preventative maintenance and keeping trucks on the road is our top priority. We have staff at more than fifty off-highway locations waiting to service rigs in record time. Get on with your route and to your destination faster with quick, consistent services.
Over PM intervals and long, out-of route travels to get service can be costly. With more than fifty off-highway locations nationwide, Speedco can be the answer to your preventative maintenance services.

We are the number one off-highway shop for general maintenance work including lube, tires, inspections, and batteries. With no appointment necessary, Speedco will get your rig back on the road with quality services guaranteed.

$15.00 off Standard PM Free Tractor Air Service ($12.99 Value)

Lube Services:

  • Complete Oil Changes
  • APU Generator Service
  • Reefer Service
  • Fuel, Filter & Lube

Tire Services (

  • We service National Accounts
  • Featuring: Bridgestone, Firestone, Yokohama new tires and Bandag retreads

Inspections:nspections (

  • Federal Annual Tractor & Trailer Inspections
  • Mid-Trip CSA Tractor & Trailer Inspections

Additional Services:

Speedco is proud to be a part of Bridgestone Commercial Solutions a business unit of Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC

TA / Petro Preventative Maintenance Services

Travel Centers of America and Petro are offering us special pricing on preventative maintenance services at their locations. If you are looking to save even more money on your operating expenses then check out these deals. Remember, you MUST use the code OPUI to receive this discount.

Click HERE for TA / Petro specials

TruckingOffice -Management Software

Online Business Management for today’s Owner Operator. delivers high functioning truck management software at a price everyone can afford. If you are looking for a tool that assists you in your daily management of your business, then it has arrived.  Take a look at trucking office.  It is an easy to use online software package at a low cost, to help you manage your business from start to finish.

A perfect tool for the owner/operator and the agent

  • Dispatch, revenue, expenses, maintenance
  • Revenue per mile, profit per mile
  • Maintenance planning
  • Address book, shippers, customers, agents, carriers
  • Lane history

Do you know your break-even point?  Track expenses per mile to make sure that you never haul a load for a loss!

Click here to learn more!

Cat Scale

CAT Scale Company provides the professional truck driver a reliable, accurate, and certified weight.

We will guarantee the highest quality at a fair price.