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Welcome to the updated tire pricing section of the U-SAV program.

Over the past several months, Tire pricing has been all over the board and we do our best to get the best price for you. With our relationships of Yokohama, Continental, Goodyear, General and Michelin; we should be able to meet or beat any price you have found on the streets.
In order for us to better serve your needs, we are asking for you to provide some basic information about your request.  Once your request is submitted, we will contact you within 48 hours with pricing options for you. From there, it will be a simple process should you wish to use our purchasing power for your advantage.*** Pricing of tires can change without notice by any supplier at any time. The pricing offered to you is good for that day only***
If you elect to delay the purchase of your tires, updated pricing will be generated on the day of order and purchase.


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